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    So this past season was a season of tumult and certainly one that made me question whether or not delaying a conversion was the right thing for the league however, everything happens for a reason, and here we are.

    The move to join fronts with Bob and share a server and site theme allows the USFL to evolve and strengthen in a time when cracks were showing. Here and now, with John's help and the people who are smarter then me, the USFL 3.0 begins to take shape. This is an exciting time.

    As we all can see, from the years and years spent bonding over imaginary football players, that we have seen almost everything including a death threat but it is here and now that the league takes the steps forward that are most especially needed.

    Again it is the people here that make the league and now, with the technical help of Bob, Willie, and John we get on solid footing again....

    It is now time for the gang to recruit and fill us up. We will have a top notch avenue to create the color that FOF needs, the content the league deserves, and the pace to keep a game a game.

    As always, Im thankful to all of you for being a part of this and believing in me, having patience with me, and contributing to what is supposed to be fun.

    Thank you and get pumped. Go tell why the USFL. Finally, stay and have fun!!!
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